Yuu is one of the major antogonists of Guilty Crown. He is a member of Da'ath, given the title "The Envoy of Daath". It was shown in episode 11 that he also possesses the Power of Kings like Shu. He works with Shuichiro into reviving Mana because when she matures into Eve she can form a new race with Shu who is her Adam, the person she chose to marry.


He wears a long white collared coat with a black shirt and pants. Yuu has light blonde hair and icy blue eyes. He looks the same age as from Guilty Crown: Lost Christmas.


Yuu has a cold personality, and is implied to be looking down upon Shuichiro, who collaborates with him on his way to revive Eve. He expresses a cruel attitude toward Shu, but being a part of Daath, is implied to have some hopes in him for becoming Adam.


Not much of his and Da'ath is known in history, the only facts about Yuu is that he is the organization's living incarnation, envoy for short, that he seeks to bring in the apocalypse and have the Adam and Eve to recreate the human race.

In Episode 20, Yuu makes his introduction to Keido and Kurosu in the past of explaining that Da'ath is the cause of the Apocalypse Virus Meteorite that infect Mana, and want to desire a Fourth Apocalypse for their goal.


Yuu makes his first appearance in Episode 6, where he thank Keido and gives the omen that the queen of Cocytus will be awaken.

He makes a cameo in Episode 10 where he observes the second Lost Christmas.

He then appears at the end of Episode 11 where he kidnaps Inori and uses her void in attempting to kill Shu, only that Gai takes the hit.

In Episode 12, Gai refers to Yuu as Da'ath's 'grave keeper' as he plans to arrange Keido and Inori in marriage so that Mana can be awaken. However, Shu and Gai foil Yuu's plan and the envoy knocks Keido unconscious for his failures.

He makes another cameo in Episode 16 where he appears in the debris of Loop 7 and found one of the meteorite rings. Also have a cameo in Episode 17 to give the revived Gai his utilization of becoming king. Makes another cameo in Episodes 18-19 where Gai uses his void to trap and capture Inori.

Yuu makes his final appearance in Episode 21, where in a flashback shows his conversation with Gai upon his revival. Then, Gai uses his, Arisa's, and Kenji's voids combine to form a void bow in shooting Apocalypse Virus crystals. Then, Yuu explains to Shu about that he is Da'ath's envoy and questions about his role as Adam and king. When Shu refuses, Yuu tells him that Gai's answer is different, and for that, Yuu is going to strip Shu's title of the successor's throne in battle. After a brief duel with Yuu using a variety of voids from Da'ath agents, Shu uses a tri-blaster void to defeat him. Yuu then disappears and lets Shu to meet with Gai.

As of now, Yuu and Da'ath's status remains unknown since the anime ended.


Void Genome

Yuu's Power of the Kings' mark
Like Shu (later Gai) and Scrooge, Yuu possesses the first Power of Kings, which allows him to draw out a person's Void, as shown in episode 11 when he tried to use Inori's Void to kill him. Like Gai he apparently draws out Voids without physical or eye contact, probably because of the equipment of the soldiers on their faces that covers their eyes and projects the face of Gai or Yuu to make them think that they are making eye contact with Gai / Yuu.
Picture 17

In episode 21 he showed his powers extensively, using multiple Voids of several Daath followers gathered there to fight Shu. He showed skill in dual-wielding several Voids such as dual-whips, swords and chakrams and discarded them at a whim. Like Shu and Gai he can combine Voids to produce more powerful ones, as shown when he combined dozens of Voids to produce a large double barrel cannon to kill Shu.

His own Void manifests as a large bow, that can fire high speed arrows. When the arrow hits the intended target, it produces a series of metallic stripes that can completly bind the target.

Other Abilities

Beyond his use of the Void Genome, Yuu also showed several abilities no other character has shown so far. He has displayed the ability of levitation in several of his appearences and the ability to render a person unconscious with a touch to the forehead as shown in episode 12, when he puts Shuichiro to sleep after informing him of his failure.

In episode 21, he displayed telekinetic abilities by stopping and redirecting a flurry of bullets by Argo as well as the ability create energy shields and the ability to de-materialize and materialize at will from one place to another.


  • In episode 20, Yuu is shown to be standing behind a young, five year old Mana when she was playing with virus crystals on the roof of a building, most probably guiding her about her powers.
  • Yuu was the one who informed Shuichiro Keido and Kurosu Ouma about Mana's crystallising powers.

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