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Shuichiro Keido


Personal statistics
Name Shuichiro Keido
Kanji 茎道 修一郎
Romaji Keido Shūichirō
Alias Keido
Gender Male
Age early to late 40s
Status Deceased
Relatives Haruka Ouma (Younger Sister)

Gai Tsutsugami (stepson)
Shu Ouma (step nephew)
Mana Ouma (step niece)

Professional statistics
Occupation Head of the GHQ Antibodies
Affiliation GHQ
Animanga statistics
Anime debut Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Kazuhiko Inoue
English Charlie Campbell
German Wolff von Lindenau
Shuichiro Keido is the head of the Antibodies in GHQ. He at first seems minor to the plot, but is revealed to be one of the series' major antagonists.


He is a middle aged man, with greying hair, and a medium sized mustache. He usually wore a lab coat, when in GHQ.


As a graduate student, Shuichiro's brilliance isolated him from the rest of his peers whom he ultimately came to see as mere annoyances that obstructed his intellectual growth. Upon meeting Kurosu Ouma, he finally met a person whom he could call his equal and the two quickly became friends. However, over the years, Keido grew increasingly embittered towards Kurosu as he witnessed his colleague's success and intellect steadily eclipse his own. Upon learning that Kurosu's offspring would become the progenitors of a new race in the aftermath of the Fourth Apocalypse, he experimented on countless orphan boys (including Gai) to create an "Adam" that would deny Kurosu the privilege of shaping the next generation of humanity in his own image. After learning that Kurosu's research on the Apocalypse virus surpasses his own, he murders his friend in a jealous rage. From that moment forward, Keido dedicates his entire being to ending the world that Kurosu worked so desperately to save.


On the outside at least, Keido appears to a be very stoic (albeit grim) individual who almost always maintains a calm and collected demeanor. During the flashbacks in episode 20,  the first thing that stands out about him is his single-minded commitment to his research and his arrogant contempt for all those less intelligent than himself. This changed when he first met Kurosu Ohma and found someone who could keep up with him intellectually.  While at first pleased by Kurosu's company, his feelings for him increasingly degenerate into envy and outright hatred as he begins to realize that his colleague's talents surpass his own. After Yu revealed to him that Kurosu's DNA would be the basis of the next generation of humans, Keido's bitterness transformed him into an ruthless and cold-hearted man willing to go to any lengths to satisfy his thirst for vengeance. 

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