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Personal statistics
Name Oogumo
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Professional statistics
Occupation Member of the Charlie Team
Animanga statistics
Anime debut Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Kousuke Takaguchi
English Scott Freeman

Oogumi is one of the supporting characters in Guilty Crown. He is a member of the "Funeral Parlor", who is an expert in the use of firarms and explosives and is a member of the Charlie Team.


He usually keeps things to himself and is very quiet.


Guilty Crown - 02 - Large 25
He saves Shu from being attacked by a "GHQ" mecha and is later seen helping the rest of "Funeral Parlor" save the rest of the hostages that were captured by the "GHQ". He is seen helping Gai numerous times, such as when he helped destroy the building that Kido was being held in. He is killed by Seigai whilst buying time for Haruka Ouma to escape. His body is retrieved by Arugo. Tsugumi and Ayase mourn his death.

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