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Kurosu Ouma
Kurosu Ouma
Personal statistics
Name Ouma Kurosu
Kanji 桜満玄周
Romaji オウマ クロス
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Relatives Shu Ouma (Son)
Mana Ouma (Daughter)
Saeko Shijou (First Wife; deceased)
Haruka Ouma (Second Wife)
Professional statistics
Occupation Researcher
Animanga statistics
Anime debut Episode 20
Voice Actors
Japanese Toshihiko Seki
English Todd Haberkorn

Kurosu Ouma was the father of the main protagonist, Shu Ouma and his older sister Mana Ouma , as well as the scientist who discovered Void Genome to be an inhibitor of Apocalypse Virus. He somewhat holds connection with Scrooge and Carol.


He has brown eyes and hair. Shu's hair and it's color greatly resembles that of Kurosu, as they are biologically a family. His beard is often left unshaved and messy due to his lack of concern to himself because most of times he's busy researching. He is quite tall and mostly seen with white-laboratorium jacket and glasses.


He was smart, clever, goofy, and a hard-worker proven by him spending most of his time in his research. Because he always believed himself to be self-sufficient, he was not good at interacting with others. Thus, he named his son Shu (which means "group" according to him), perhaps in hopes that Shu would grow up to be different.



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