Original soundtrack release from anime series "Guilty Crown" composed by Hiroyuki Sawano.

Track List

  1. βίος <feat.Mika Kobayashi>
  2. α
  3. Ω
  4. Ready to Go <feat.David Whitaker>
  5. Friends <feat.mpi>
  6. VOiD
  7. GHQ
  8. Θεοί
  9. Close your Eyes <feat.Michiyo Honda>
  10. Βασιλεύς
  11. π
  12. Release my Soul <feat.Aimee Blackschleger>
  13. Rising Souls
  14. Hill of Sorrow <feat.mpi>
  15. Αποκάλυψις
  16. Home ~in this corner~<feat.Leina>
  17. Genesi§
  18. βιος-δ <feat.Mika Kobayashi>
  19. Rё∀L <feat.Cyua>  


  • 1)Life
  • 2)Alpha
  • 3)Omega
  • 8)Deities
  • 10)Kings
  • 11)Pi
  • 15)Apocalypse
  • 18)Life-delta originates from the greek word Γέννηση meaning Birth

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