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General Yan
General Yan
Personal statistics
Name General Yan
Kanji ヤン少将
Romaji General Yan
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Relatives Daryl Yan (Son)
Professional statistics
Occupation Major General of the GHQ
Affiliation GHQ
Animanga statistics
Anime debut Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Takaya Hashi
English Jerry Russell

General Yan, is the former Commander-in-Chief of the GHQ. General Yan is in charge of the GHQ forces in Japan except the Anti Bodies led by Shuichiro. He is the father of Daryl but does not like his son, believing Daryl may not be his biological son and has an affair with his secretary, Emily.


Upon discovering Shuichiro's theft of the meteorite that caused the Apocalypse virus from a GHQ facility, the General has Shuichiro put under house arrest and plan to have the meteorite transported overseas, hoping this act will bring his political ambitions to become President of the United States come true. But in the midst of the rebellion by Shuichiro and the Antibodies, General Yan and his staff are killed by Daryl after he learns about his father's affair.

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