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The Fittest:Survival of the Fittest

Ep2 End

Air Date October 21, 2011
Episode 2
Opening Song My Dearest
Ending Song Departures
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The Fittest:Survival of the Fittest is the second episode of the "Guilty Crown" anime. It first aired on October 21, 2011.


After destroying several "GHQ" Endlaves, Shu, Inori, and the members of "Funeral Parlor" are forced to retreat when an advanced Endlave ridden by 2nd Lieutenant Daryl "Kill 'Em All" Yan joins the battle. Daryl is a narcissistic officer who hates being touched on the grounds that most people are infected.

After regrouping with the others, Gai congratulates his hacker Tsugumi and Endlave pilot Ayase, but scolds Inori; he wanted the power of the Void Genome that was given to Shu. Regardless, Gai still wants the "Power of Kings," so he asks Shu for help.

Guin holds a group of innocent civilians hostage, and Daryl and several soldiers execute some of them. Guin orders "Funeral Parlor" to surrender; the members instead trick Daryl into driving his Endlave away from Guin's command center where "Funeral Parlor" has a standoff against Guin's remaining men. Using the standoff as a diversion, Shu goes to the truck that holds Daryl's cockpit and pulls out Daryl's Void, a weapon called Kaleidoscope.

When Guin fires his laser weapons at Gai, Shu uses "Kaleidoscope" to shield Gai and deflect the lasers back at Guin and his men, killing them. Despite seeing the atrocities the "GHQ" performs and what "Funeral Parlor" is fighting for, Shu declines to join them as he feels he is no hero. The next day, to his surprise, Inori has transferred to his school.

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