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Name Daath or Da'ath
Katakana ダァト
Romaji Daato
Role Secret Organization

Da'ath (from Hebrew: inteligence, thinking, knowledge) is only mentioned verbally in Guilty Crown. It supposedly caused the meteor crystal containing the Apocalypse Virus to strike Earth, and is ultimately responsible for the corruption, death (Lost Christmas), and reincarnation of Mana Ouma through Inori Yuzuriha. It seems to want to restart the human race, by eradicating the human race with the Apocalypse Virus, save for Mana and her chosen Adam, the person she chooses to marry. Da'ath acts through an envoy, known as Yuu.

In "Lost Christmas", it was revealed that Da'ath is a secret organization that has long since been established from an ancient era, monitoring humans evolution and extermination. Scrooge has a hatred against Da'ath for using him as an experiment in their research facility.

Known Members

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